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What is MonkeyTwerk?

MonkeyTwerk is all about the sounds that dance between the genres, the high energy that runs between the BPMs, the excitement that keeps people moving, and the happy vibes that leave us wanting more. MonkeyTwerk uses the power of the unexpected to put on a show that you don’t want to stop looking at or dancing for.

Adriana & Frank are a married couple originally from Colombia, who made Canada their home. Influenced by latin percussions and Canadian basslines, their sets are a combination of different types of house music, global bass sounds, funky vibes and anything that spurs that primal desire to twerk, jump, grind and have a ton of fun. When it comes to specific music genres, they mostly specialize in “Sexy Times”. Once MonkeyTwerk is on the decks, you are set for an experience that shuts off the brain, allows the music to take over your body, and makes you forget that time is actually passing by.

MonkeyTwerk’s first official release in 2017, “Club Work”, got support by Tiesto on his Spotify playlist and after-hours podcast, and was played several times in Shambhala Music Festival. In 2018, after finishing the Music Production program at L.A.’s ICON COLLECTIVE, MonkeyTwerk started releasing under their own record label, FANCYFOXX music.

Besides playing several club shows and private parties during 2018, MonkeyTwerk also performed at Shambhala Music Festival, Motion Notion Music Festival, Astral Harvest Music Festival, Emotion Music Festival, FozzyFest, Wicked Woods, Odyssey Gathering, and more.

Running On Good Vibes. Making The Fun Happen!


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Check out some pictures from of our shows!

We’ve been having a lot of fun for sure.  Hope we get to see you soon at the dance floor so we can create some more memories together.

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